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Ballet Exams 2011

On the 18th, 19th and 20th of May, Ms Veronique Vleghert came to examine at Dance Dynamics.  The children all came out smiling and enjoyed dancing their exams.  Here are some of the best photo’s.

Pre Primary - Caitlyn, Nicola, Hayley and Catherine

Grade 6 - Kelsey, Amber and Heather

Primary - Ruth and Este

Grade 5 - Storm and Saskia

Grade 3 - Diedri, Holly and Shaugneen

Grade 6 - Valmarie

Grade 7 - Carrie and Jeanie

Grade 3 - Casey and Shannon

Grade 2 - Esterlie, Elisha, Emma and Karla

Grade 4 - Meredith and Charne

Grade 1 - Jime, Kayla, Jessica and Jenna

Primary - Aurelia, Gemma and Izaan

Omitted:  Grade 7 – Bianca, Kirstie and Adriane