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Modern Exams 2011

On the 8th, 9th and 10th of October, Thelma Dansic from Johannesburg came to examine all our Modern and Hip Hop Girls.

We were proud of you all for being brave enough to go in their and give of your best.

Unfortunately the photographer (me) was sleeping, so I didn’t get any pictures on the day of the Hip Hop Girls, but here are the modern.

Well done to Zizipho Pikashe who got ‘Da Bomb’ for her Junior 1 hip hop exam.

Well done to Carrie and Lisa who also did their second teachers exam.  We are holding thumbs for you.

We also await our Major Results, so good luck to Bianca, Angel and Ashleigh.


Honours with Distinction – Well done to Izelle van der Westhuizen

Honours – Well done to Steffany Botha

Izelle and Steffany


Mia, Alexa and Chane


Casey and Marne

Lisa Mari and Jana


Caitlyn and Carmen

Taryn and Ilandi


Kayla and Nicole

Johannette and Tijane


Angel and Ashleigh


Hip Hop Photo Taken Finally (Some still missing)

Badge Tests 2011

On the 3rd of November, Arlene Yates and Irene de la Harpe came and judged our dancers in the annual NSDT Badge Tests.  Well done girls, you all outdid yourselves.

A special well done to Jime Bezuidenhout and Valmarie van Zyl who both got A+.

A Tisket A Tasket

Teddy Bears Picnic




A Tisket A Tasket


La Waltz


Waltz Petit


Dolly Dance

Dolly Dance