Amateur Ballet Festival 2021

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Festival Amateur 2021

Yay our certificates and medals have finally arrived from the RAD for the exams held in November 2020.

The amateur ballet festival started on Wednesday the 16 of June and finishes on Saturday the 29th of June. Amateurs are children who have danced in the festival in the past in the novice sections and achieved a gold. National sections are also slotted in here.

Robyn van Wyk adjudicated this week and he is also in charge of our Youth Ballet – The Nutcracker that is happening in December.

The marking criteria is a lot stricter now for this level.

We kicked of with the National Sections seen below.

Greek and Czeck
Danza Hungaria

A special well done to these dancers who achieved gold awards.

Lianie Grobler

Ella Smit

Kendal Mckay

Arianna Brink

Kaitlynne Horne x2

Marie Louise Strydom

Einon Doubel


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