Ballet Exam Results 2020

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Ballet Exam Results 2020

Well done to all our dancers on your excellent results this year, especially with it being a year like it has been. We are so proud of you all for staying the course.

This is a message from the RAD:

“Please be patient as Royal Academy of Dance UK has been temporarily closed in the recent months because of the recent additional measures put in place by the UK government in order to combat the COVID-19 virus, the RAD staff access to our HQ is only available on an extremely limited basis (which affects our ability to print certificates, as this can only be done on-site). The majority of the Exams Certificates team has also been placed on furlough until further notice.

As a result, there will, unfortunately, be a delay, I hope this does not cause any major inconvenience.

We would ask that you be patient with us at this exceptionally challenging time for everyone.”

A extra special shout out to all our distinctions this year.

Casey Arends – Primary in Dance

Lianie Grobler – Primary in Dance

Kendal Mckay – Grade 1

Eden Krige – Grade 1 Solo Performance

Kendal Mckay – Grade 2

Arianna Brink – Grade 3

Mari du Plessis – Grade 3

De-ane Erasmus – Grade 3 Solo Performance

Ashleigh Maling Nel – Grade 6

Kaitlynne Horne – Intermediate Foundation

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