Lockdown Timetable Starting from 04/05/2020

Michel’s Classes

Classes will be done on Zoom.

Links and homework will be posted on Band. If you are not on Band, please contact Michel so that she can add you.

All Seniors and teens are welcome to attend the stretch and strengthen/conditioning classes as it is difficult to do syllabus work on Zoom. You will need to keep working on that on your own.


15H30 – 16H15 Grade 3 Ballet


14H45 – 15H15 Primary Ballet

15H15 – 15H45 Pre Grade Hip Hop

15H45 – 16H30 Stepping Up Modern

16H30 – 17H15 2nd Grade Modern

17H15 – 18H00 3rd Grade Modern


14h30 – 15H30 Senior Modern Strengthening


14H45 – 15H30 Grade 1 Ballet

15H30 – 16H15 Grade 3 Ballet

16H15 – 17H00 Pre Level 2 Hip Hop (mainly strengthening)

17H00 – 18H00 Intermediate 1 and Senior 1 Hip Hop (core strengthening and body conditioning) Latin Ladies and seniors can join in or do any choice of strengthening classes


13H15 – 14H00 2nd Grade Modern

14H00 – 14H45 Prelim Junior

14H45 – 15H30 Elementary/Intermediate


08H30 – 09H00 Tiny Tots and Pre Primary Ballet

0900 – 09H30 Primary Ballet

09H30 – 10H15 Grade 1 Ballet

10H15 – 11H00 3rd Grade Modern

Cathy’s Classes


15H00       Advanced Foundation

16H00       Grade 4

17H00       Grade 6

18H00.      Repertoire 2 Class

19H00.      Advanced Ballet Stretch class

20H00.      End


17H00. Repertoire 3 Class

18H00.      Adult Ballet

19H00.      End


15H45      Grade 4

16H30.      Advanced Foundation 

17H30      Intermediate Foundation

18H30       Advanced Ballet open class

19H30       End


14H00.      Primary (Westering Primary)

14H40.      Grade 1 (Westering Primary)

15H20.      Grade 3 (Westering Primary)

16H00.      Grade 6

17H00.      Junior Pointe

17H45.      Intermediate Foundation


11H30 Intermediate Foundation