1st Term 2023

Dear Parents and Pupils,

Welcome to 2023. A special welcome to all our new pupils and we hope you will all have a long and happy relationship with the Dance Dynamics family.

We have moved over to a new system this year, and we apologize for the late invoices this month, but we are just waiting for our last few registrations to come through and for support to sort out some issues so that we can do our first run.

Class Timetables

You can view the timetables, as well as the terms and conditions, Uniforms, etc on our website at https://dancedynamicspe.com. There is also a link there to our Facebook Group. We will also put copies of newsletters sent out on the website in case you miss something. Please refresh your timetable on your devices when you open it, as sometimes it just downloads from memory, instead of the latest update.

Photos and Concert USB Sticks

Don’t forget to order your photos and concert USB sticks (R180). Photo forms are available from your teacher.

We will need to complete all orders by the 10th of March so we can get it all sent out by the end of the first term.

Our Year Ahead……

2023 is going to be a busy year, and there are some optional extras that you may need to schedule some time for as well as put some money aside for.

1.  Talent Africa

This competition runs Regional and National competitions each year. Keep an eye on the website if you would like to do a solo at the competition. You will need to register yourself at https://talentafrica.co.za. Keep in mind that you will need to enter again for the nationals if you qualify, and the prices for Nationals are much higher than for Regionals.

The first round in Port Elizabeth is on the 2nd and 3rd of June with entries closing on the 28th of May.

2.  Friendly City Dance Festival And Port Elizabeth Dance Festival    

These competitions will be running from the 1st of August at the Savoy Theatre. Friendly City Dance Festival is first, followed by Port Elizabeth Dance Festival. Prices are to be advised as we get them.

The Festivals are an optional extra activity. They are open to dancers who are five years and older.

3.  RAD Exams

These are happening in October and the prices range from R400 upwards. Entries close roughly 8 weeks prior to the exams. If doing RAD exams, a full exam uniform must be purchased six months in advance. Children need to be coming twice a week from term 2 or they won’t be ready in time for exams. There are other options for pupils that attend once per week.

4.  AIDT Exams

The AIDT Modern and Hip Hop Exams are taking place at the beginning of November. Exam fees range from R300 upwards. Dancers need to be in the studio at least twice a week (can include ballet classes) and know their work well by the end of the third term to do a modern exam.

5.  Concert

We have provisionally booked our concert at the Savoy Theatre on the 8th and 9th of December 2023. Please make a note in your diaries as we love all our dancers to participate in this. While it is later in the year and the only dates available, the good news is by then all the school exams will be done.  Unfortunately at this stage, the Opera House is still out of commission but we will keep looking into their facilities as we hear further news.

6. Acro Tests (PE)

We are hoping to host our Acro tests at the end of the 2nd Term this year. Costs are approx R350 to enter these.

7. Nico Malan Innikollig

This is occurring in the last week of term 1, we will advise any info as we receive it from our high schoolers.

Dancing Fees

Please note that fees need to be paid timeously, i.e in the month that they are due. Remember to use a reference number and indicate child’s name and surname after the reference number. Please make sure all cash payments are given to us in marked envelopes, as it is difficult for teachers to handle money and remember who it came from when they are busy with classes.


PE – Please do not park on the neighbor’s grass at the Weybridge Park studio. There is extra parking space in the park across the road. Please do not park in our driveway.


A reminder that teachers can’t always answer their phones during lessons, so they will reply to your messages when they are free.

Please remember to message your teacher well in advance if you are missing a class.

The studio will close for the school holidays after lessons on Friday the 31st of March. There will also be no dancing on Monday the 20th of March and Tuesday the 21st of March due to the public holiday and long weekend. Term 2 will start on the 12th of April.

Yours in Dance,

Carrie, Cathy, and Michel

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