Dear Parents and Pupils,

We have a rehearsal slot for our younger novices and group dances at the Savoy Theatre on Saturday the 4th of June from 12H35 to 13H35. We will run the rehearsal as follows so that each child has a chance to go through their dance/s on the stage at least once:

Hungry Kittens: 12H35 – 12H55

Butterfly Group – 12H55 – 13H05

Rainy Play, Oliver (Zimi and Haley)  and Czech – 13H05 – 13H10

Modern 9 – 10 yrs Novice – Emily and Danike – 13H10 – 13H15

Match Girl – 13H15 – 13H25

Confident – 13H25 – 13H35

Carrie will organise a rehearsal for the Jeffrey’s Bay Dancers closer to home.

Please note the information below from the festival management:

1. Arrival times at the venue
Please ask your pupils to arrive at the theatre 15 minutes prior to their scheduled dance time. After they have danced, they must return to their dressing room and stay in costume until the ADJUDICATION/MEDAL ceremony which happens every hour or so. (Consult your schedule). Wherever possible, please encourage your pupils to arrive at the theatre with hair and make-up already done.
2. Dress code at venue / Masks
If your pupil arrives in costume, they must have a track suit or dressing gown over their costume. This ruling applies to their presence in the foyers and auditorium as well. A mask is still required to be worn at all times except when dancing. Please ask each pupil to bring a zip lock bag in which to place their mask while they are dancing. Audience members and teachers are also required to wear masks.
3. Ticket sales and prices
Tickets will be sold through or at Pick n Pay stores. Bookings are open. Please inform your parents that there is no longer a Box Office at the Opera House, so tickets MUST be purchased online / Pick & Pay.

Prices are as follows:
Savoy Theatre: R45 for all sessions

Opera House: R50 all mid-day sessions; R55 Tues & Wed evening sessions; R60 Thurs & Friday evening (Championships night); R110 Adults/R80 Scholars Saturday evening Gala Concert/Prizegiving.

Any parents wishing to purchase a ‘Season Ticket’ for the Opera House may do so through me (Monica) at a cost of R220 (which includes the Gala Concert) or R150 (excluding the Gala concert). Season tickets are not available through booking outlets.

Please ask them to email – to request their season ticket(s) together with POP to FRIENDLY CITY DANCE FESTIVAL: NEDBANK SAVINGS ACC NO. 2011302226/Code 131317 REF: SURNAME-ST

4.Gala Concert*

  • Each studio to provide an Amateur Trio, Quartet or Group.
  • Senior Champion in each category to perform at Gala Concert.
  • *Championship Winners & Runner’s up and section winners will receive their trophies at the gala concert. They do not have to purchase a ticket:-  we will allocate a row for them to sit in and ask them to report backstage prior to prizegiving.


5. Festival volunteers

Volunteer roster to follow – please send to your parents (for each session they volunteer, they get free entry to any other session of their choice except gala concert.

Best wishes to all of you and your pupils for a happy festival experience.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon – Monica Hewitson xx

Dear Parents and Pupils,

Almost halfway through our second term already.

First of all a huge congratulations to all our Talent Africa Competitors. You all danced like stars this weekend.

Due to the fact that there are no nationals in Port Elizabeth this year, we are going to hire the Savoy Theatre this Sunday (15th of May) and Carrie will come and video all the items. Then if not attending nationals live, we can at least enter the items online and won’t have to rehearse them again at the end of the year. Jbay dancers will be arranged with Carrie later in the term.

Each Candidate to pay R30 per item please to help us to cover the stage hiring costs. Carrie will then download all the items onto Google Drive and you can download them to re-enter at the end of the year or to keep for yourselves. We will re-enter the groups when the time comes for those not going up to Alberton in Gauteng.

Please come already dressed in costume with makeup and hair done, so that we can just run as we only have 2.5 hours to get through everything. Nobody will unfortunately be able to sit in the auditorium as we will need complete silence for the video.

Sunday The 15th of May:

12H30 – 12H50 – Million Dreams and What About Us

12H50 – 13H05 – Better World / Place

13H05 – 13H15 – El Es Mio quartette

13H15 – 13H25 – Feeling Good

13H25 – 13H35 – Ocean Dreams

13H35 – 13H40 – Ice Cream

13H40 – 13H55 – Build A Home

13H55 – 14H00 – The Match Girl

14H00 – 15H00 – All Solos that require a video

Costumes can then all be returned to us in class the following week.

Friendly City Dance Festival

This is the next exciting event on our calendar. This will run from the 6th of June to the 11th of June. Please be there ready with make-up and dressed 30 minutes before you are due to dance.

They are urgently looking for volunteers to man the doors during the festival. If you can please let us know, even if you do a shift of two hours it will help.

The timetable is as follows: (please let us know if any spelling mistakes)

Monday the 6th of June: (Savoy Theatre)

12H30 – Hungry Kitten – 1. Willow Kruger, 2. Amelia Liebenberg, 3. Annabel Zwiegelaar, 5. Ava Brink, 6. Elmie Morton, 8. Gabriela Cumberlege, 10. Hannah Coetzee

13H05 – Little Red Riding Hood – 1. Abigail Andersson 3. Lily Lotter, 10. Elke Slabbert

13H20 – Modern Solo – 1. Abigail Andersson, 4. Amone Jacobs, 7. Amy Masterson, 10. Lily Lotter, 13. Milan Puren

14H31 – Little Red Riding Hood – 19. Milan Puren

14H39 – Greek – 1. Abigail Andersson, 2. Elke Slabbert, 3. Lily Lotter

15H26 – Oliver – 6. Hayley Perelson, 12. Zimi Ngubelanga

15H45 – Something Good – 2. Denike Theron, 4. Emily Ras

15H55 – Modern Solo – 7. Emma Raubenheimer

16H04 – Czech Polka – 1. Reeve Kruger, 2. Isabelle Slabbert, 3. Lanelle Rautenbach

16H32 – Modern Solo – 12. Lanelle Rautenbach

16H50 – Favorite Things – 1. Caylin Ward, 2. Chanel Haasbroek, 3. Elze Veldsman

17H00 – Pocahontas – 6. Mione Rossouw

17H07 – Modern Solos  – 2. Elze Veldsman 4. Karli de Beer, 6. Mari du Plessis, 8. Oluhle Ncezula

18H37 – Tarantella – 5. Ella Smit

18H52 – Modern Solo – 1. Alexia Grubic, 2. Chris-Mari Hamilton 3. Anri de Beer, 5. Ella Smit, 7. Michelle Hoogendoorn

19H12 – Hip Hop – 1. Karli Groof

19H14 – Trainwreck – 1. Ane Human

19H40 – From Dusk til Dawn Trio

Tuesday the 7th of June: (Savoy Theatre)

12H30 – Hungry Kitten – 13. Isabella Cumberlege, 14. Lara Bossert, 16. Liviane van Niekerk, 17. Madison Kruger, 18. Manatswa Katehwe, 20. Miane Koen, 21 Nina Bezuidenhout  22. Talia Theron

12H59 – Rainy Play 23. Lienke Peens

13H03 – Little Red Riding Hood 25. Milan Schutte

13H39 – Group Butterflies 1.

Tuesday the 7th of June: (Opera House)

18H15 – The Lady with the Lamp – 6. Taylor Wilson, 9. Lize van Staden

18H30 – Falling – 1. Kaitlynne Horne,

18h39  – See me in a Crown 4. Kayla Lotter

19H21 – The Lady with the Lamp – 17. Kaitlynne Horne

20H03 – Jack in the Box – 4 Einon Doubell

20H15 – Classical – 1. Cassidy Kwong See

20H54 – Dear You – 2. Ashleigh Maling Nel

21H21 – Hip Hop Solo 1. Ashleigh Maling Nel

Wednesday the 8th of June: (Opera House)

13H35 – Classical – 1. Lianie Grobler, 2. Eden Krige **

13h55 – Classical – Ava-Lily van Niekerk

14H30 – Goldilocks – 15. Lianie Grobler, 16. Eden Krige

15H24 – Modern Solo – 1. Ava-Lily van Niekerk (Girls wanna), 3. Isabella Tait, 4. Iune Bezuidenhout, 5. Kayleigh Marais, 6. Lara Koekemoer, 7. Mienke Stofberg, 8. Ava-Lily van Niekerk (Got your number)

16H07 – Hip Hop 2. Zoey Malan, 4. Kayleigh Marais, 5. Emily Ras

16H23 – My Favourite Things, Pocahontas, Chimney Sweep – 5. De-Ane Erasmus, 6. Clarise October 8. Arianna Brink, 9. Anja Wagner

16H50 – Modern Straight – 1. De-Ane Erasmus, 3. Anike Steyn, 6. Anja Wagner 9. Arianna Brink

19H06 – Modern Character – 4. Kaitlynne Horne

20H47 – Modern Straight – 4. Ashleigh Maling Nel, 8. Amy Ward

Thursday the 9th of June (Opera House)

13H14 – Modern Solo Girls wanna have fun – 2. Eden Krige

13H47 – Modern Solo Undercover  – 2. Eden Krige

14H05 – Oliver – Ava-Lily van Niekerk

14H21 – Classical Solo – 2. Eden Krige **

14H31 – Classical – 5. Clarise October

14H57 – Oliver – 24. Kayleigh Marais

15H57 – Oliver 28. Mia Nel

17H03 – Classical – 1. Kaitlynne Horne, 7. Taylor Wilson, 11. Lize van Staden

18H57 – Junior Modern Championship – 3. Kaitlynne Horne

19H24 – Senior Hip Hop Championship – 2. Ashleigh Maling Nel

20H56 – Senior Hip Hop Championship – 2. Ashleigh Maling Nel

Friday the 10th of June (Opera House)

15H36 – Coppelia Act 3 Variation – 8. Einon Doubell

18H03 – Junior Ballet Championship – 2. Taylor Wilson 6. Kaitlynne Horne

19H03 – Pre Senior Ballet Championship – 2. Einon Doubell

19H58 – Pre Senior Ballet Championship – 2. Einon Doubell

Saturday the 11th of June (Opera House)

10H20 – Confident

12H35 – The Match Girl

Yours in Dance,

Cathy, Carrie, Michel, and Shaugneen

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