Dear Parents and Pupils,

We are busy preparing for our Annual Showcase on Saturday the 20th of November, so this is a lengthly letter as it contains costume information, rehearsal times and other related information.

The Studio will close for the December holidays after classes on Friday the 26th of November. Details to be sent re photo shoot during this week at a later date.

Please purchase your concert tickets from your teachers by Tuesday the 16th of November. After this we will let those on the waiting list have the remainder of the tickets. There will be no tickets for sale at the door on the day of the show.

Dress Rehearsals Lorraine:

Do not bring your costume to the theatre for the rehearsal. We will do dress rehearsals at the studio.

On Friday the 12th could all the Acro Girls who can come at 3pm wear costumes. 

On Saturday the 13th could all the classes come in costume please.

On Tuesday the the 16th could the 3rd Grade Modern class please wear their red and white costumes.

Concert Rehearsals: Lorraine Pupils

Thursday the 18th of November at the Savoy Theatre

No classes in the studio on this day.

No costumes needed for this rehearsal.

Only dancers will be allowed into the auditorium. Please attend these as otherwise you won’t know wear to stand on the stage on concert day.

Please bring masks and sit apart from each other. Do not move the chairs in the theatre. We will call the groups onto the stage as we need them.

Junior Showcase:

13H30 – Penguins

13H45 – Rainbows

14H00 – Butterflies

14H15 – Let The Rivers Run

14H30 – Solo’s taking part in the junior Showcase run through.

Senior Concert:

14H45 – Earth (3rd Grade Modern)

14H55 – What About Us (Pre Elementary Modern)

15H05 – Hip Hop Duet Einon and Karli

15H15 – Mad World (4th/Final Grade Modern)

15H30 – Imagine (Adult Ballet)

15H40 – To Build A Home (Intermediate Ballet)

15H55 – A Million Dreams (Grade 1 and 2 Ballet)

16H10 – Dying Ocean (Advanced Ballet)

16H20 – Reasons To Save Our Ocean (Grade 4 Ballet)

16H35 – Game of Survival (Acro)

16H50 – Better Place (3rd Grade Modern)

17H05 – Girls Run The World (Hip Hop Juniors)

17H15 – Confident (Pre Elementary Modern)

17H25 – Celebration of Life (Advanced Ballet)

17H35 – Taste (Senior Hip Hop)

17H45 – Finale (hip hop)

17H55 – Bianca

Jeffreys Bay Studio – Saturday the 20th of November at the Savoy Theatre – Carrie to work alongside moms around exam schedules 

Concert Day

Please arrive at the theatre 20 minutes before the show you are in starts. All dancers to arrive with hair and makeup done and a dressing gown worn over costumes. The list for each group is at the bottom of this letter. Don’t forget your masks or the management at the Savoy won’t let you in.

The dancers in the senior concert will be backstage for the entire two shows. No dancers in the audience unless they have a ticket.

If any mothers are willing to help backstage during the show that they are not watching, please let us know. We mainly need the helpers to watch that the children stay apart, keep quiet and wear their masks, and perhaps help if any children need any help changing costumes, although most should cope. Please use hand sanitizer before and after touching anyone else if helping with hair or makeup.

Because of COVID, all hair and makeup must be done at home. Masks will make lipstick difficult, so make sure to make the eyes stand out as much as possible. Please do not share makeup, and make sure that you have some with you in case a touch up is necessary. Moms also welcome to pop in between shows to help children or take them outside for some air.

For the stage, browns are always best on the eyes. You can also get creative with colours if you like but avoid too many blues. Base, blush, eyebrows and mascara optional. Winged eyeliner can be done too, or else just black line on the outside of the eye. 

Each dancer is to bring a zip lock bag with their names on in which to leave their mask when they need to go on stage and retrieve it when they run off. They will need to wear their masks for the entire day and adhere to social distancing rules backstage.

The times for the three shows are 13H00, 15H00, and 18H00. Each show can only accommodate 150 audience members and the theater will be sanitized between each show. The Junior show will be aproximately 45 minutes long with no interval and the senior show is approximately 2 hours including an interval. The tuck shop will be open.

Spectators please arrive at least 20 minutes before the show starts to get sanatized and temperatures taken. Chairs may be moved slightly in the theatre so that you can sit with your family.


If you haven’t already, don’t forget to pay your concert fee of either R150 for the junior show, R180 for one dance in the senior show and R300 if you are doing more than one dance.

This helps us to cover costs like costumes, hire of music and lighting equipment, payment of backstage staff, and rehearsals. Please pay this into the Dance Dynamics Account clearly marked with the dancer’s name and concert fee. 

Tickets are R120 for the senior concert and R60 for the junior showcase. You can get your tickets from Michel or Carrie.

Back Stage:

The dancers will be split up into:

The Bar Area – The majority of the dancers as it is a nice big space with adequate ventilation.
Upstairs Dressing Rooms – reserved for seniors and dancers who have costume changes.
Dancers try not to bring valuables into the theatre. I am sure it will do you good not to have your technology for one afternoon. We take no responsibility for items that go missing, so please look after your belongings.

Please bring a game to play or a book to read to keep yourselves occupied. Dancers bring a gown or sarong to wear over your costumes to protect them and do not wander around the foyer in costume if you need something from the tuck shop. Please stay in the theatre at all times, unless you go outside with your parents.

Please make sure to take your costume home with you. You will need these for the photo shoot at the studio the following week. After the photo shoot you can leave them at the studio so we can sort and clean them.

Please do not wash your costumes.

Order Of Show And Costumes Needed For Each Number:

Please make sure you have all your costumes with you before you leave home. If you are missing anything, please ask your teacher. Bring extra hair gell and spray. We have tried to stick to the same hairstyles to assist with costume changes and keep everything simple this year.

Please have an extra pair of tights with you. All shoes to be clean, please. No jewelry or watches on stage.

Costume Check List:


Penguins: Pink ballet tights, pink ballet shoes, white leotard supplied, black penguin hat, coat to be supplied on day of show. Hair in a bun under cap (doesn’t have to be perfect), bright makeup (brown eye shadow, red or bright pink lipstick, blush).

Rainbow Girls: Pink ballet tights, pink ballet shoes, leotard if preferred underneath the dress, white dress, rainbow ribbons for hair. Hair to be gelled back into a high pony tail and the rainbow ribbon hanging off of pony tail so it trails down the back. Bright makeup like penguins.

Butterflies (Lorraine Group): Pink ballet tights, pink ballet shoes, leotard with wings attached, alice band to be clipped onto head so it doesn’t fall off. Hair gelled back into a ballet bun with hair net. Bright makeup as above.

Fly Away (Jbay) : Pink ballet tights, pink ballet shoes, pink satin dress, Hair gelled back into a neat pony tail. Bright makeup as above.

Let The River Run: Blue costumes supplied, bare feet and legs. Older girls to wear unitards as discussed under their costume. Hair gelled back off of face into some hair up some hair down (some hair in a pony with rest loose) with hair accessories hanging off pony or bun as given. Younger girls (Miecke, Denike, Miah and Jessica decided they wanted hair in a bun!

To Plant A Garden: Pink ballet tights, pink ballet shoes, leotard and tutu. Hair gelled back into a ballet bun with hair net. Bright makeup as above.


Earth: Animal costumes as discussed. Hair gelled back into buns or ponies and tucked into head pieces. Bring black or brown pencil to draw whiskers and nose and wet wipes to take it off.

What About Us: Dresses, black leotards and shorts underneath. Hair as discussed, grecian honey tights or bare legs.

Hip Hop Duet: Black Tees, rest as discussed in class.

Mad World: Red dresses, red hot shorts, grecian honey footless tights optional. Hair greased back into low pony tail. Red ribbons given.

Imagine: Dresses, purple leotards, Grecian honey footless tights, hair in butterfly pony’s, bare feet.

To Build a Home: Dresses, black leotards

A Million Dreams: White leotards with dresses attached, pink ballet tights, pink ballet shoes, Hair in a high ballet bun with tinsel crowns around the bun.

Dying Ocean: As discussed in class.

Reasons To Save Our Ocean: Pink ballet tights, pink ballet shoes, white dresses, pink leotards, hair some hair up some hair down, with white scrunchies.

Game of Survival: Black unitards and hair greased back into a low pony, bare feet.

Better Place: Red and white outfits, grecian honey tights or bare legs, hair in a pony with hair ribbons given.

Girls Run the World: Black leggings, black tackies, pink tees, pink head bands with hair gelled into a high pony.

Confident: Black leggings and red tops, bare feet, Hair in a low pony.

Feeling Good: As discussed in class.

Taste: As discussed in class.

Media (Piece of Me): As discussed in class. 

Energy: White Stripy Shirt, Pants ans socks student choice, Takkies, Gelled High Pony.

Big Spender: Black Tshirt, Checked Skirt, gelled high pony.

I’ll be there for You: Pink Leotard, Polka Dot skirt, gelled high pony with ribbons.

Undercover Influencer: Black leotard, striped skirt, gelled high pony.

Tides: Blue Dresses, Pink tights, Ballet Shoes, gelled high pony with ribbons.

Hope: Blue Dresses, Pink tights, Ballet Shoes, gelled high pony with ribbons.

Spring: White leotard, Flower skirts, Lace neckpiece, Pink Tights and Ballet shoes.

Savanna: Yellow Leotard, Blue Skirt, Pink Tights, Ballet Shoes, Gelled High Pony with Ribbons.

Urban Eco: Black Pants, Shirt, Takkies, High Pony.

Acid Rain: Long Sleeve Black Leotard, Green Lace Skirt,Umbrella.

Plastic: Black Leotard, Red short skirt.

Seaspiracy: Unitards as discussed in class.

Corrosion: Green Skort, Black Top, Green Headpiece.

Extinction: as discussed in class.

Bamboo: Green dresses, pink tights, ballet shoes, hot pants, high pony.

Sirocco: Black leotards, red skirts.

Inferno: Red leotards, Black skirts.

Stand by me: to be discussed.

With everyone’s cooperation, we can all stay safe and have fun next weekend.

Carrie, Cathy, Michel and Shaugneen

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