It’s All Over

Concert 2017Well, Festival is over, Concert is over and it’s now time to do some hard work again, as exams are coming up soon.

Thank you to everyone who helped make the concert a success, and to all our parents for supporting us.

We couldn’t have done it without you all.

Ballet Festival 2017

Well done to everyone who has danced so far. You have all done us proud.

We are now officially halfway through the ballet festival. Here are some of the photographs taken.

Karla, Einon and Kaitlynne

Al Arab

Ritae, Zanri and Gabby

Alyssa and Ashleigh

Val, Amber, Jessica and Shaugneen

Oriental Ladies



Gabby and Chloe

Kaylee and Desmare


Chanel and Zelne

Kaitlynne, Elizma, Meriska and Karla



Desmare, Bianca, Casey and Kaylee


Liza, Caitlynne and Meriska

Elizma and Reeva


Here are the names of the dancers who achieved Gold Awards:

Clarissa Strydom

Chanel Haasbroek

Zelne Millard

Mari Rodgers x2

Hannah Nesmith

Anika Ferreira x2

Elizma Ferreira

Scottish Flair

Einon Doubell

Ashleigh Maling Nel x2

Gabriella Tait

Zanri Black

Chloe Domingo

Kaitlynne Horne x2

Karla van Rooyen x2

Taylor Wilson x2

Clarise October

Desmare De Lange

Casey Mclean

and last but not least – Scottish Flair

Well done everybody!




Modern And Hip Hop Festival 2017

We are now into the Modern and Hip Hop part of the Festival.

Here are our first two entrants for the year.

Festival 2017

Catelynne and Marie Louise

We are very proud of all of you for getting out there and giving of your best.

Modern Fest 2017

Anri, Kaitelynne and Nianke

Here are some more photos from the Modern and Hip Hop Festival.

Fest 2017

Desi, Berdine and Carli

Fest 2017

Lolla and Mari

Fest 2017

Zanri and Ashleigh

Dans vir jou taal 2017

Dans Vir Jou Taal And Thumbelina 2017

This has been a really hectic week at Dance Dynamics.Last night the studio, for the first time took part in Dans Vir Jou Taal.

On Monday night the studio, for the first time took part in Dans Vir Jou Taal.

Our two groups Mysterious Phantom and Uninvited did us proud.

Congratulations to the following girls who danced in the groups:

Shaugneen Robertson, Chantelle Els, Jessica Barnard, Jime Bezuidenhout, Nianke Bezuidenhout, Angelique Jansen, Gizelle Pitout, Kaylee Baron, Casey Mclean, Lize Rishworth, Mikayla Lombard, Anri de Beer,  Ashleigh Maling Nel, Marie-Louise Strydom, Chiara Torrente, Taylor Wilson, Berdine Viljoen, Desmare de Lange, Talya Victor, Chloe Domingo, Alyssa Ried, Davina Naidoo and Kaitlynne Horne.

It was an awesome experience, and the competition was tough, but the girls all had a ball.  The show was recorded and the series will be shown on Kyknet from the 15 August 2017.

We also had some of our girls take part in the fully booked Thumbelina Youth Ballet, and it was great to see our girls up there on the stage with the Cape Town City Ballet Dancers.

Well done to Davina Naidoo, Chloe Domingo, Jordan van den Berg, Alyssa Reid, Ashleigh Maling Nel and Mikayla Lombard.

Here are some snaps.Dans vir jou taal 2017dans vir jou taal 2017

thumbelina 2017Dans vir jou taal 2017

dans vir jou taal 2017dans vir jou taal 2017

Dans vir jou Taal 2017

May 2017

Exams May 2017

We had a really fun ballet exam session this year with Beverley Valentine from Johannesburg examining our girls.

Here are some photo’s from the 30th, 31st and the 2nd of June.

May 2017

Pre Primary

May 2017

May 2017

Grade 3

May 2017

Grade 6

May 2017

Dem Class 2

May 2017

Grade 4

May 2017

Grade 3

May 2017

Grade 3

May 2017

Grade 1

May 2017


May 2017

Grade 3

May 2017

Grade 1

May 2017

Advanced 1

May 2017

Intermediate Foundation



Ballet Exams 2017 – First Ones In……

Today Lara Fourie and Elandri Venter from Jeffreys Bay Studio did their Intermediate Exam.

They are our first entrants for this year and we are glad that they enjoyed their exam so much.

The rest of the studio is only doing their exams on the May Exams 201730th and 31st of May and then on the 2nd of June.

Best of Luck All.

May Exams 2017

Controlled Chaos

Well done to Carrie and the seniors from Jeffreys Bay for putting on a very successful production at the Nico Malan Inikollig Arts Festival.

The girls danced twice a day on the 27th and 28th of March and were a popular must-see show choice.

The production was called Controlled Chaos and was a dance adaptation depicting the masks and struggles of mental uncertainty.

The twenty-minute piece focusing on mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety and general teenage mental disorders while maintaining a preface of calm and control. This is to lightly explore the hidden struggles that are not always apparent but hidden under masks and uncertainty.

This is to lightly explore the hidden struggles that are not always apparent but hidden under masks and uncertainty.

The girls that took part in the production were:

Bridgette Bell-Cross

Lara Fourie

Danielle Hamilton

Elandri Venter

Karla Viviers

Mere Pieterse

Carla Ferreira

Janique Steyn

Mia Cilliers



Some Holiday Homework For You…..

stretchingHere are some great stretches that you can try in the holidays to keep you strong and supple. Here are two great links for you to learn from.

Other Simple Exercises To Do

Lie on your tummy, like the students in the picture and try and get your hips and feet on the floor.

Hold onto a chair and do slow rises 10 on two feet and then work up to 10 on one foot. Don’t push on the chair.

Sit and watch TV with your legs open and your elbows on the floor.

Sit with legs straight in front of you, flex your feet and try and touch your toes.

Do thirty sautes and concentrate on using your feet to push off the floor and stretch fully in the air.

Practice all your splits and hold. Do this only when you are warm.

How Much to Stretch

Every dancer’s body is different. Some dancers are less flexible. Dancers with “tight” bodies are built for stability, with dense connective tissues. Their muscles are less extensible. Conversely, some dancers are innately more flexible. The hyper-mobile physique has an increased risk of injury as they have a larger joint range of motion, but they are also more vulnerable to serious ligament sprains. Hence “loose” dancers should spend less time stretching than “tight” dancers.

Loose dancers should spend that time on strengthening exercises instead. It is important to avoid comparing the flexibility of one dancer with that of other dancers. Instead, work on what each individual dancer needs – strengthening and stabilising exercise for the loose dancer, stretching/flexibility for the tight dancer. When stretching, it is vital to not push the body too hard. Pushing stretches too hard may cause a muscle strain (tear), so is important to be cautious. Stretches should be held to a point of mild discomfort, not pain.

How Long to Stretch

Holding a static stretch for 30 seconds is enough to maintain joint range of motion and current flexibility. Typically, each stretch is repeated 3 to 5 times in a single stretching bout. But, if increasing flexibility is the goal, then deformation of the connective tissue is necessary to produce permanent muscle length change.

When trying to increase flexibility, it is important to employ stretching AFTER dancing or other activity when muscles and connective tissues are warm.

Try to do some stretching every day.