For class please do not come in street clothes (except for hip-hop).

Leotards, unitards, and leggings are all acceptable. No baggy tops or shorts, please.


Before exams please make sure that your ballet shoes are clean and that all elastics and ribbons are securely sewn on.

Character skirts need to have hooks and eyes and not just velcro as sometimes the velcro doesn’t hold.

Always keep a spare pair of tights, as there is always the possibility of a ladder.

Character skirts are to have rows of ribbon at the bottom to complement the colour of the leotard worn. We normally go for a minimum of three rows of blue ribbon in different shades with the darkest one at the bottom.

Ballet:               Dance Dynamics       

Pre-Primary and Primary

Turquoise leotards with short sleeves, Turquoise chiffon cross-over skirt, Pink Short Ballet Socks, and Pink Ballet Shoes.

Grade 1 and 2:

Light blue or navy sleeveless leotard, Pink ballet stockings, Pink ballet shoes, Character Skirt, and Character Shoes for Grade 1’s and 2’s (Low heels).

Grade 3 – 5:

Navy blue sleeveless leotard, Pink ballet stockings, Pink ballet shoes, Character Skirt, and Character Shoes (high/Cuban heel).

Grade 6 – 8:

Optional colours and styles may be worn and a matching long chiffon circular skirt.  At the bar, a short chiffon skirt may be worn. Character Skirts and Character Shoes (high/Cuban heel).

Vocational Grades:

Navy or Black shoestring leotard, pink stockings, soft ballet shoes, and pointe shoes.


Black or red leotard as discussed with your teacher, pink tights, soft ballet shoes, or pointe shoes. Tutu’s, both long and short can be hired from the studio.


Pink or Grecian Honey ballet shoes, socks, or bare feet, Unitard in any colour.  For class, a leotard and hot pants may also be worn in hot weather.

Socks or ballet shoes or footsies are compulsory for the bar portion of the exams.

Hip Hop:  

dance dynamicsExams are to be discussed but for class, anything comfortable, but good trainers are required to support the feet. Please do not dance hip-hop barefoot.

No baggy clothing is allowed in any of the disciplines (except hip hop), as it hides faults and corrections are thus not possible.


Leotard or Unitard. No baggy clothing.

Bare feet or socks.

Exam- Leotard and matching lycra shorts.

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