Dance Dynamics teachers

“You cannot be a winner at anything unless you have a technical base within your body”

Shirley Ballas, Strictly Come Dancing

At Dance Dynamics, our students are trained in small groups on sprung wooden/rubber floors using safe dance practice techniques to gradually develop secure technique and the body basics required for all dance disciplines.

We offer internationally recognized examination syllabi in Ballet, Contemporary, Modern, Acro Dance, and Urban Hip Hop.

We also offer an Adult Ballet class and private lessons for people wanting to learn to dance for a special occasion eg weddings and matric dances.

We also have qualified instructors teaching Pilates and Callinetics in the mornings.

Dance Dynamics Teachers

Michel Maling

Dance Dynamics Port Elizabeth and Dance Dynamics Jeffreys Bay

Ballet, Modern/Contemporary, Acro, Hip Hop, Ballroom

082 675 8046

Michel Maling has been dancing since the age of five.

She has been a Registered Teacher for the Royal Academy of Dance for over 20 years.

She holds her Advanced Associate Teacher’s qualification with the Association of International Dance Teachers for which she teaches Modern/Contemporary and Hip Hop.

She also holds a Fitness and Nutrition certification.

She taught Ballroom and Latin American Dancing for about six years at an outside studio, but now concentrates more on Ballet, Modern, Acro, and Hip Hop.

Private lessons can be booked for couples wishing to learn to dance for weddings and other special functions.

Carrie Nissiotis

Dance Dynamics Jeffreys Bay

Ballet, Modern, Pilates, and Hip Hop

083 419 8398

Carrie Nissiotis did her formative years of dance training in Kimberley.

Thereafter she moved to Jeffreys Bay as a teenager and continued her dance training with Dance Dynamics.

She has completed her Ballet Teacher’s Certificate through the Royal Academy of Dance and also holds an Advanced Associates Teaching Qualification through the Association of International Dance Teachers.

She is a fully qualified Pilates Instructor and has a Total Barre Certification.

Cathy Ballinger

Dance Dynamics Lorraine

Cathy Ballinger is our resident examiner. She has danced all her life and holds a diploma in teaching with the Royal Academy of Dance.

She has been teaching at Dance Dynamics since 2002 and she also taught in the Western Areas at the schools in a government position before this in a full-time capacity.

She has been examining and travelling the world for over ten years and is an asset to Dance Dynamics.

dance dynamics teachers
Michel, Cathy, and Carrie

We would like to welcome to Dance Dynamics two extra members of staff who are both training to be Ballet Teachers. Shaugneen Robertson and Nooreen Lagerdien.

Cathy Ballinger

Dance Dynamics Lorraine

Shaugneen and Noreen

Shaugneen Robertson

Dance Dynamics Lorraine

Cathy Ballinger is our resident ballet teacher and is also RAD Examiner.

She has been doing ballet all her life and has completed her RAD Teaching Certificate and Diploma.

She taught in the Northern areas for many years working with pupils from different backgrounds.

Currently, she is on leave from the studio, as she has taken up a post in Dubai.


Shaugneen has been dancing at Dance Dynamics since she was nine years old and is currently in her second year of training for her Royal Academy of Dance Teachers Certificate.

She has done all her ballet exams and completed her Advanced 2 Exam in 2019.

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  1. Hi there
    I have 2 boys ages 8 and 4. We would like to attend hip hop classes as beginners. What is the process, times and fees?

    Awaitng your response.
    P.S our goal is to do a special dance in dec .

      1. Hi. Could you please send me a pricelist. I have a 2 and half year old little girl that I would love to get started with ballet / modern dancing classes in Jeffreysbay.

  2. Afternoon,

    i have 2 girls aged 3 & 4 and would love to join the tiny Tots in lorraine…could you please supply more info regarding registration and if we could possible come for a viewing to familiarise the girls with what they would be doing.

    Thank you,
    Shayed Bruce

    1. Any time Shayed. The classes are on a Saturday at 10am. They are the right age for that class. You are welcome to bring them to try a class first.

  3. Hi. I am looking for ballet classes for my 5 year old girl, preferably on Saturdays. Please furnish me with info.

    Thank you

  4. Hi

    I have 2 girls aged 6, i want them to do ballet dance and they are begginers, prefferebly on saturdays. Please send me more info


    1. Hi Ellen,

      I will be putting up the new timetable during the next few days.

      We do have Saturday classes and they are welcome to come and try the Pre Primary Class.

  5. Hi There, I have a daughter turning 4 soon. Would really love for her to attend dance classes. “Dont want her to be like mommy with 2 left feet”…Do you have classes on a Saturday for beginner tots? Is it possible to have a viewing of where its happening? We’re based in PE.

    Thank you

    1. We run classes on a Saturday from Tiny Tots to Grade 2 Ballet. You are welcome to bring her to view a class.

  6. Good day

    My daugter is 8yrs old and doing her 4th year ballet. Her 1st year were modern ballet and now she is doing royal ballet, she love dancing but don’t enjoy royal ballet. I think she prefer modern ballet or hiip hop. Is it possible to come view a class. We based in PE.

    1. Anytime. We close for the school holidays. You can check out our timetable on the website and see which classes you want to view.

  7. Hello

    My daughter will be 2 in July and already loves dancing. We show her some moves and she tries anything. I’d like to know how old she needs to be to start ballet classes please?
    Also, my son is 4 and has told us he would like to try dancing. I’d like to see if he likes ballet or something else, could you guide me in this area please? He has seen ballet dancing and thinks it’s very beautiful.

    Please also include some information regarding your adult classes, as I haven’t done ballet since primary school, but have always loved it.

    Thank you 🙂

    1. I suggest you wait until next year for your daughter, as they do a lot better when they are three. Your son is welcome to come and try a tiny tots class. You can see our timetable on this website, depending if you are from Port Elizabeth or Jeffreys Bay. In Port Elizabeth we have an adult beginners class on a Tuesday at 17H15 which you are welcome to come and try out.

      1. At the moment we only have an adult ballet going on a Tuesday Evening and a Saturday Morning. Fees start at R270.00 per month and you can check out the timetable from the tab above.

  8. Hi, my daughter is 4 years old and would to start ballet classes. Can you please send me an email with the cost involved.

  9. Hi,

    i have a daughter in Grade 5, next year in Grade 6. She would like to take some hip hop classes.
    Is there any space left for 2017, whats the costs and how does it work to join.



    1. You are welcome to bring her to try a class of her choice and she can decide from there if she wants to join. The timetables for next year will be up on this website from Mid December under the timetables tab. We open again on the 18th of January 2017. Costs start at R185 per month, depending on amount of time you dance each week.

  10. HI, my daughter is 14 and would like to start with ballet classes. She did ballet when she was 5 up to 7yrs. Would that be possible or is she to old now?

    1. I would suggest she either come and try the adult beginners class on a Saturday or the Grade 3 Ballet. I don’t think you are ever too old to learn.

  11. Good Day

    I trust you are well; My son turned 5 in December is he too young to start hip hop? If not would you be as kind as to give me details of classes offered for his age as well as the cost?

    Thanking you kindly
    Have a lovely day

    1. Hi, personally I find they are usually too young at five for hip hop, but there are exceptions to the rule. I would suggest you bring him to try one of the beginner classes and you can take it from there.

  12. Would like to find out what day’s and time u offer modern dance class for a 6year old in Port Elizabeth.

  13. hi, my daughter is 3 yrs old & is totally in love with ballet! I would like to send her for classes. Is she too young to start? & what’s the costs involved.
    Kind regards,
    Cindy Britz

  14. Good day,
    Please can you email me the costs for Pilates for myself and ballet for my girls: 3&5.
    Where is your studio?

    Kind regards,

    1. Hi,

      Please check the timetable out on this site under the Jeffreys Bay Tab and you are welcome to go and try a class. At present the class is on a Thursday Afternoon at the Sea Views Holiday Resort.

        1. We take them from 3 for ballet, 5 for modern and 7 for hip hop.

          Fees start at R180 per month for a half hour a week to R270 per month for a 3/4 hour per week.

  15. Hi, where are you situated?
    I would like more information about your dance school and what you do to enroll my daughters for next year.

    1. We are situated in Lorraine and Jeffrey’s Bay. Our timetable will be up on this website mid December for 2018 and you are welcome to bring them to try a class before you decide.

  16. Good Day Ladies
    We are looking for a ballet student / teacher to teach ballet at our private school outside P.E. we had a teacher who resigned and we are hoping we can replace her. Our school “Nanaga Primary” is situated about 55km outside Port Elizabeth. (opposite Nanaga Farm Stall). Please contact me if you are able to assist or not.

    Looking forward to your reply.
    Kind Regards,
    Carol Strauss

  17. Hi,

    Are the adult ballet classes for beginners and is the time table for term two still the same as term 1?

    Thanks in advance

  18. Good day, Our little girl dreams about being a ballerina and would like to do Ballet.  I see you offer classes on Saturdays. Where is your studio located and what are the fees payable? She currently attends Sunridge Park Play Centre, Grade R.

  19. Hi there.

    I want my 3 year old daughter to start with the ballet classes next year.
    Can you please send me the cost of the classes and the times/day etc.
    We are in Woodlands so the Lorraine classes will be perfect.
    Really Looking forward to this.

  20. Hi. I’m Darren Rockman, graduate from the Waterfront Theatre School in Cape Town. I’m currently looking to teach part time, I have my modern and Street dance associates in ISTD. I would appreciate if you could help me out, give advice on what to do etc. Thanks.

    1. Hi Darren,

      At the moment we don’t have any teachers positions open, but if anyone else in Port Elizabeth is looking for someone you can get hold of Darren at

      Are you available to do the odd workshop?

  21. Hi 🙂

    I’m interested in your adult classes, the Latin and ballet. Could you tell me what the annual or monthly fees are for each? If I wanted to join would it need to be in the new year? And is there a specific level of dance experience required for either?

    Thank you 🙂

  22. Hi,

    My child is interested in dancing Hip hop and she is only 5 years old, do you offer your services to schools? If so can you please put a proposal for her school Montessori in 1st Avenue Walmer. If not, how much will it be for her and I would prefer classes during the week after 12 unless otherwise. My quest is for 2020.

  23. Do you provide one-off sessions for ladies over 60 to ‘have a go’ at latin/salsa dancing? A sort of team building event …..

    1. Hi Hannah,

      You are welcome to come and try a class. Timetable at the moment is either a Monday evening from 7pm to 8pm or a Tuesday evening from 6pm to 7pm.

  24. Hi
    I was wondering if you offer contemporary classes for young adult beginners in port Elizabeth? And if so could you please email the pricing and times for this ?

    1. Hi Jessica,

      At the moment we only have an adult ballet class running. If there is more of a demand will start one.

  25. Good day

    I have a girl.of 7. I need to enroll her in dance classes. She is interested in hip hop and modern dancing. Can you please send me some more info.


  26. Good day, I am interested in your adult ballroom and Latin classes. I would like to know how much are the classes and how does everything works.

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