Timetable Lorraine


From Monday the 20th of January 2020

Lorraine Studio Timetable

(provisional and subject to change)

For the first few weeks, classes will still be held at 24a Karena Street, as the building is not completed yet.


08H15 – 09H15         Calanetics – Carolynne Bedford

09H30 – 10H15        Elementary Modern

10H15 – 11H15         Advanced Foundation

14H45 – 15H30        Intermediate Foundation Ballet

15H30 – 16H15         Grade 3 Ballet

16H15 – 17H00         Grade 4 Ballet

17H00 – 18H00         Grade 6 Ballet

18H00 – 19H00         Repertoire 2 Adults Ballet

19H00 – 20H00         Advanced 2 Ballet


08H15 – 09H15     Pilates – Shelley Wattrus

14H15 – 14H45     Pre Primary Ballet

14H45 – 15H15     Primary Ballet

15H15 – 15H45     Pre Grade/Level Hip Hop (Beginners)

15H45 – 16H30    Stepping Up Modern

16H30 – 17H15     3rd Grade Modern

17H15 – 18H00     2nd Grade Modern

18H00 – 19H00      Adult Ballet

19H00 – 20H00      Repertoire 3 Class Variations


08H15 – 09H15     Calanetics – Carolynne Bedford

10H30 – 11H00     Little Dolphin

14H15 – 15H00     Prelim Junior Modern

15H00 to 15H45    Mia Dances

15H45 – 16H30     Grade 4 Ballet

16H30 – 17H30     Advanced Foundation Ballet

17H30 – 18H30     Intermediate Foundation Ballet

18H30 – 19H30      Advanced Open Class


08H15 – 09H15    Pilates – Shelly Wattrus

10H00 – 11H00     Sunridge Pre-Primary

15H00 – 15H45     Grade 1 Ballet

15H45 – 16H30     Grade 3 Ballet

16H30 – 17H15     Pre Level 2 Hip Hop

17H15 – 18H00    Pre Lim Junior Modern

18H00 – 18H45     Intermediate 1 Hip Hop

18H45 – 19H30    Solo Latin Ladies

19H30 – 20H15     Advanced Modern


09H30 – 10H00        Robyns Nest

10H00 – 11H00        Advanced Foundation Ballet

11H00 – 12H00        Intermediate Modern

13H45– 14H30       2nd Grade Modern

14H30 – 15H15      Grade 3 Ballet

15H15 – 16H00      Pre Lim Junior Modern

16H00 – 17H00      Grade 6 Ballet

17H00 – 17H45      Junior Pointe

17H45 -18H45       Intermediate Foundation Ballet


08H00 – 08H45    Senior 1 Hip Hop

08H45 – 09H15     Tiny Tots Ballet

09H15 – 09H45     Primary Ballet

09H45 – 10H15     Pre Primary Ballet

10H15 – 11H00     Grade 1 Ballet

11H00 – 11H45     3rd Grade Modern

11H45 – 12H30     Advanced Modern

12H30 – 13H30     Intermediate Foundation Ballet