Lorraine Studio Timetable

Term 4 From The 15th of October

Please check this timetable regularly, because the timetable at the beginning of the year tends to change.


08H00 – 09H00        Calanetics – Carolynne Bedford

15H30 – 16H30         Canto Alla Vita Group

18H30 – 19H30          Advanced Open Ballet



14H30 – 15H00      Grade 1 Ballet (Concert)

15H00 – 15H45      Grade 3 Ballet

15H45- 16H30       1st Grade Modern (Concert)

16H30 – 17H00      Final Grade Modern

17H00 – 17H15       Rooi Roos Group

17H15 – 18H00       Aladin Group

18H00 – 18H30      Footloose Group

18H30 – 18H45      Jasmin and Aladin Duet

18H45 – 19H45      Adult Ballet



08H00 – 09H00      Calanetics – Carolynne Bedford

10H30 – 11H00        Little Dolphin Pre Primary

12H30 – 13H00       Ballet – Emanuel Church

14H15 – 14H45        Stepping Up Modern

14H45 – 15H45        Pre Elementary Modern and Waka Waka

15H45 – 16H45        Acro Dance Junior (Concert)

17H30 – 18H30        Advanced Open Pointe 

18H30 – 19H30        Shades and La Pierina




10H00 – 11H00     Sunridge Pre-Primary

14H30 – 15H15     3rd Grade Urban Hip Hop and concert

15H15 – 16H00     Grade 5 Ballet and Concert

16H00 – 16H45     Grade 3 Ballet and Concert

16H45 – 17H30      Grade 5 Ballet and Concert

17H30 – 18H15      Pre Elementary Hip Hop

18H15 – 19H00      Elementary Hip Hop

19H00 – 20H00     Pre Elementary Modern

20H00 – 21H00     Private Ballroom/Latin Group



13H15 – 14H00        1st Grade Modern (exam class)

14H00 – 14H45        Beginners Hip Hop

14H45 – 15H30        Trolls Group

15H30 – 16H30        3rd Grade Modern 

16H30 – 17H30        Acro Dance Junior Class Concert

17H30 – 18H30        Quartette, Shades and La Pierina



07H45 – 08H30     Grade 3 Ballet (previously grade 2)

08H30 – 09H00     Tiny Tots and Concert

09H00 – 09H30     Primary Ballet Concert

09H30 – 10H00      Grade 1 Ballet and Concert      

10H00 – 11H00       Final Grade Modern and Concert

11H45 – 12H30       Grade 3 Ballet and concert

12H30 – 13H30       Progressive Ballet Technique for Seniors

13H30                      Einon Rep