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1ST TERM 2018

Dear Parents and Pupils,

Here is to a successful 2018.

Classes will commence again on Monday the 22nd of January 2018.

We look forward to welcoming you all back.

Welcome to all our new students and we hope that you will be very happy dancing here at Dance Dynamics.  Please note that we have a website at We also have an active Facebook page.  All timetables and studio newsletters will be posted on the website for you to refer to.

Timetables for the first term are on the website but are still subject to change, so please keep an eye out on the timetable for the next few weeks until everyone gets settled.

There will be no dancing for Jeffreys Bay on Thursday the 17th of February as Carrie is away on a course.

There will be no dancing in Lorraine on Wednesday the 21st of March as it is Human Rights Day. Carrie will be running certain ballet classes and will advise accordingly.


DVD’s Prizegiving 2017:

If you would like to order a DVD of the prizegiving at Walmer West Primary in December, please place R100.00 in an envelope with your name and put into the studio letterbox upstairs.


Email Addresses:

If you need to send us an email, please do not reply or send to this email address, as WE DO NOT GET THESE.

Please contact us at the email addresses below:




If you would like to speak to your teacher, please phone during the mornings only, as we teach all afternoon and well into the evenings. If you leave a message on our phones we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Ballet Exam Fees:

For those doing the RAD Ballet Exams, please make a note that the entry fees will need to be paid in by Saturday the 10th of March.  No Late entries can be accepted.

We will send out individual emails regarding this at the end of January.  Please note that in order to take part in the ballet exams a minimum of 95% attendance is needed.  You must be attending at least twice a week for Graded exams and three times a week for Vocational exams.  Your class fees must also be paid up to date before entering.



You will by now have received the fee structure for 2018. You have the option of paying each month or per term in advance.

Regardless of your choice of payment, you will get an invoice on the 1st of each month so you can check whether you are in debit or credit.

Please let us know timeously if you find any errors on your accounts, as it is more difficult/time-consuming to rectify errors months down the line!

Please notify us if any of your details change, ie. address, email address, phone numbers, etc.

In order to plan accordingly, these are the extra optional costs for the year over and above normal class fees.

RAD Ballet Exams (Due March)

Dans vir jou Taal (Due April)

Stulting Kunstefees (Due March)

Talent Africa (Due October)

Dance Festival (Due Mid June)

AIDT Modern/Hip Hop Exams (Due Mid August)

Concert Fees – (Due September)

We are currently changing over to a new system, so please check your invoices and let us know if there are errors as this process is automated and there may be teething problems.

The family discount feature is not yet available, so may need to credit your accounts with the 5% after the invoices have been sent and resend.


Friendly City Dance Festival

This information pertains to the new Dance Festival opening in Port Elizabeth which we will be entering this year.  The letter below was sent to all the studios involved:

I’m happy to announce the formation of a brand new festival, THE FRIENDLY CITY DANCE FESTIVAL, which will be launched in 2018.

This festival will incorporate all the aspects of other national dance festivals:

  • All ages and dance genres will be catered for
  • Professional Adjudicators
  • Professional scoring and results
  • Championship sections
  • Medals for section winners
  • Trophies for Champions

New items will include:

  • A newly formatted Championship section, with dancers going through to a final ‘dance-off’ to earn the title of CHAMPION
  • New dance categories
  • A Junior and Senior ‘Master Class’ conducted by the Adjudicator
  • Each festival will culminate in a Gala Concert where adjudicators choice’ items and invited guest artists will perform.

As with all new ventures, a concerted fund-raising drive is necessary, festivals cost money! Venues, adjudicators, airfares, accommodation, sound, and lights all have to be paid for upfront. The various studios involved in this drive will arrange studio mini-fundraisers, and we have ear-marked the weekend of 15th-17th June for a ‘Week-end of Dance’ which will incorporate items presented by all dance studios involved in our festival.  Performances will take place on Friday evening 15th June, Saturday afternoon and evening 16th June, and a Sundowner Sunday ‘Gala’ Concert on the 17th June 2017.   Proceeds from ticket sales (after venue rental costs have been taken into account) will go towards staging our first ‘Festival’ from 7th – 9th September 2018.

You, the parents are the backbone of Dance Festival events and we would like to invite anyone who is financially able to become a FOUNDER MEMBER of the festival: founder members will have their name in each and every printed program for festival and fundraising events, they will also receive two complimentary tickets and a complimentary program for all ‘gala concerts’.  Founder Members are not limited to parents, but can also be friends, relatives or business owners.  Founders will contribute as follows:-



GOLD FOUND MEMBER                – R 500.00

Kindly contact your studio teacher should you wish to become a Founder Member.

Finally, we would welcome any valid suggestions you may have towards fundraising and, what you would like to see incorporated into a festival of this nature  – let us know what you like and dislike about dance festivals and what you feel your child gains from the festival experience.

The following studios’ have pledged their participation in the Friendly City Dance Festival :

Kareen’s School of Dance, Walmer School of Dance, Susan Zerbst School of Ballet, Debbie Ralph Ballet School, Dance Dynamics, The Ballet Conservatory, The Ballet Studio, Totally Tap & Modern Dance Studio, Hosking Academy of Dance, Sidwell Roman’s  Ballet School.

I look forward to a proud and happy association with the Friendly City Dance Festival.

Yours sincerely



Parking – Lorraine:

Please do not block the entrances/exit of our driveway, as it is meant to be treated as a drive-through only.  Also, refrain from parking in front of the garages below the studio. You may park on the grass, or opposite in front of the electricity substation.

Please try to do herringbone parking and not parallel parking so that more cars can fit in, especially with the bigger classes.

In most cases, it is better to drop your children off and fetch them after class, as sometimes there is inadequate parking. After class children are to wait in the waiting room until they are fetched. We do not want children waiting outside unattended.



Please note all dancers must wear their dancing clothes to class (Leotards or Unitards, ballet shoes etc.)  No T-Shirts, jeans, baggy pants or tracksuits are permitted (except for hip-hop).

A pair of tight lycra shorts over leotards will be permitted.  Hair should also be tied back away from the face.



Please refrain from wearing high heels or stiletto’s into the dance studio, as it damages the sprung wooden dance floor.

No eating is allowed in the studio!!!

Students, please switch off your cell phones before attending classes. In this way, all your attention will be focused – ie. On your Dancing!

It is up to the students to ensure that they are adequately warmed up before class, so it is advisable to arrive at least ten minutes before the class to ensure that this happens.  This is to avoid injury and applies to most of the dancers of eight years and older.


The Studio will close for holidays after lessons on Tuesday the 27th of March and reopen Tuesday the 10th of April.


Yours in dancing



Michel, Cathy and Carrie



4 thoughts on “Latest Newsletters

  1. Teresa Erasmus

    Goeie Naand
    My dogter wil baie grrag hip hop doen.
    Kan ekke haar asb na die Lorraine studio bring, om haar e wys en dan van daaraf in te skryf.

    1. admin

      Of course Teresa. We open on the 18th again and the beginners class is on a Thursday at 15H30. She can come and try and see if she enjoys it.

  2. Gina

    Hi, my daughter, 13, is interested in joining your classes, please advise what the best time would be to have a look at what different styles you have to offer.

    1. admin

      Any time from the beginning of September you are welcome to pop in. You can view the timetable on this website.


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