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Dear Parents and Pupils,

We are moving into the final term of 2018 ALREADY!! It is going to be a roller coaster ride this term, so please read and make notes where applicable.

Please note that modern exams will take place on Tuesday the 30th of November, Wednesday the 31st of November, Thursday the 1st of November and Carli Human and  Elandri Venter on Thursday the 8th of November with other Port Elizabeth Majors (time to be confirmed), so on these days there will not be any normal dance classes. On Thursday the 8th we will let the girls know which classes are canceled when I receive the times.

The Exam Timetable is as follows:

Modern and Hip Hop Exams 2018

Tuesday the 30th of November


09H00        Advanced Associate 3

10H45        TEA

11H05        4th Grade Modern

        1.        Marie Louise Strydom

2.        Ane Human

11H45        Prelim Junior Modern

  1.        Desmare de Lange

12H15        4th Grade Modern

1.       Ashleigh Maling Nel

12H45        Stepping Up Modern

  1.         Iune Bezuidenhout
  2.         Mienke Stofberg

13H15        LUNCH

13H45        4th Grade Modern

  1.        Anri de Beer
  2.        Kaitlynne Horne

14H25        Stepping Up Modern

  1.        Eva Thackwray
  2.        Karli de Beer

14H55        1st Grade Modern

  1.          Michelle Hoogendoorn
  2.          Alexia Grubic

15H25        TEA

15H40        1st Grade Modern

1.        Mari Rodgers

2.        Ohuhle Ncezula

16H10        Prelim Junior Modern

  1.        Berdine Viljoen
  2.        Mikayla Leigh Lombard

16H55        Hip Hop Exams

                   Pre Grade 2

  1.         Mari Rodgers
  2.         Jorja Muller
  3.         Nikita Botha

17H00        Junior 1

  1.         Nianke Bezuidenhout
  2.        Siphokazi Lockett
  3.        Marie-Louise Strydom

17H10        Intermediate 1

1.      Ashleigh Maling Nel

2.      Zanri Black

3.      Desmare De Lange

4.      Berdine Viljoen

17H25                   END

Wednesday the 31 November 2018


09H00         Senior level 1 

              1. Danielle Hamilton

09H40        Blue Medal (Chinika and Melita)

09H55       Blue Medal (Chris Mari and Anja VV Vuuren)

10H10       Blue Medal(Tane, Tessa, Mia Glad)

10H30       Turquoise Medal(Bridgette)

10H40       TEA

11H00        Blue medal (Kayla Lotter, Leahne)

11H15        Orange Medal (Tazneen, Caitlyn)

11H30        Blue Medal

1. Abby Robertson

2. Simone Cilliers

11h45        Blue Medal

1. Danica van Niekerk

2. Githe Muir

12H00      Blue Medal

1. Alisa Annandale

2. Simone Du Plessis

12H15      LUNCH

12H45    Blue Medal

1. Anja Wagner

2. Ane’ van Wyk

13H00     Stepping Up

1. Haily von Quickelberg

2. Anneke Meyer

13H25   Blue Medal

1. Kiara Wolmarans

2. Mienke Smit

13H40   Stepping Up

1. Carli Jansen

2. Rijke de Vries

14h10   Preliminary Junior 

1. Carla Ferreira

2. Kyla Malherbe

14H50    TEA

15H10    Preliminary Junior

1. Janique Steyn

2. Charmaine Burger

15H50   Orange Medal (Line, Mia V, Chantelise)

16H05   HIP HOP Session

17H15 END

                                                                                                Thursday the 1st of November

09H00       Preliminary Junior Pre level 2

1. Mia Cilliers

2. Leane Muller

09H40       3rd Grade

1. Karla Muller

2. Cindy Strydom

10h20       1st Grade (Isabella and Bea)

10H50     TEA

11h10       1st Grade (Kirsten, Cemay, Anine)

11h55       Red Medal (Bella, Lieschen)

12H10       Red Medal (Leane’ Lika)

12H25      Tiny Tot Medal

12H30      Hip Hop Creative Medal

1. Leah Saunders

2. Ella Smit

12h45     Orange Medal (Amy, Jenna, Juane)

13H00     LUNCH

13H30    Hip Hop Session

13H50   2nd Grade 

1. Ella Smit

14H15   3rd Grade 

1. Leah Saunders

2. Minandi Venter

14H55   Preliminary Junior

1. Karla Viviers

2. Jane Venter

15H35   TEA

15H50   Stepping Up

1. De-ane Erasmus

2. Elze Veldsman

16H20  Preliminary Junior

1. Kayla Olivier

2. Zoey Adlam

MODERN AND HIP HOP EXAMS: Venue PE Studio 24a Karena Street, Lorraine

Please be at the Studio 40 Minutes prior to dancing.  Consider travel times if coming from JBay. Please make sure you have your unitards in good time.  No visible underwear to be worn, and Grecian Honey Tights may be worn underneath the unitards. No black or navy Unitards.  Hair must either be in a high bun with a net, or French plait tucked under. In both cases, hair must be gelled off the face.  A ribbon or flower the same color as the unitard may be worn in the hair.  No Make-up may be worn.

Hip Hop exams:  Costume as discussed in class and hair to be gelled back off the face, but can be in any up style eg. ponytail, messy bun etc.  Please wear good supportive takkies. Parents may watch hip-hop exams, but not the modern exams. Please note that for the hip-hop exams that have B-Boy in them, knee pads are compulsory.

Please do not miss any lessons at this stage.

Annual Concert- COLOURS IN MOTION – Bookings are Open!

Our annual concert will take place on the 10th of November at the Opera House starting at 18H00.

The rehearsals will happen at the Opera House on Friday the 9th of November starting at 13H30. Please do not miss this as you will not know where to stand on the stage if you do and the groups will be messy.

A Timetable will be sent out shortly for this, as the groups will have to run in the order of the concert.

If you have not done so already, please pay your concert fee in as soon as possible. We need confirmation this week via teacher to arrange costumes.

The cost is R150 if doing one number and R250 if doing more than one. This covers our rehearsal fees at the Opera House, Costume Hire, and Staff at the Opera House.

Tickets are available at Computicket for R100. Please book in advance, as there will be no tickets for sale at the door. You can book online or at any Computicket branch, eg Checkers.

If you are dancing in the concert and you are done, you may sit in the Gallery in the last few rows which will be reserved for the dancers. We suggest that mothers with very small children dancing book in the gallery so that they can be close to their children.


Robin West will be coming once again to do our studio photographs as follows:

Wednesday the 21st of November – Jeffreys Bay

Thursday the 22nd of November – Lorraine

There will be no normal dance classes on these two afternoons.

After the concert please keep your costumes, as they will be needed for the photographs. They can be handed back to us after the photos are taken.

Photos will be on display for order in the studio in the first term of 2019.

A timetable will be sent out shortly for these two afternoons.


You will be receiving your last invoice for the year at the beginning of November. In December and January, you will merely receive statements.

There are many invoices outstanding unfortunately and some with rather large amounts too! Please attend to your dance payments by the end of November. We would prefer to avoid handing overdue accounts to our debt collectors. Please let us know if you are unable to settle so that we can arrange regular payment options with you.

The studio will close after classes on Friday the 23rd of November. In preparation for the ballet exams next year, all the grade 5 and up classes and the adult class will continue until the 30th of November.

Yours in Dance

Michel, Carrie, and Cathy


6 thoughts on “Latest Newsletters

  1. Teresa Erasmus

    Goeie Naand
    My dogter wil baie grrag hip hop doen.
    Kan ekke haar asb na die Lorraine studio bring, om haar e wys en dan van daaraf in te skryf.

    1. admin

      Of course Teresa. We open on the 18th again and the beginners class is on a Thursday at 15H30. She can come and try and see if she enjoys it.

  2. Gina

    Hi, my daughter, 13, is interested in joining your classes, please advise what the best time would be to have a look at what different styles you have to offer.

    1. admin

      Any time from the beginning of September you are welcome to pop in. You can view the timetable on this website.

  3. Ashleigh King

    Good morning. We are looking at putting our daughter into ballet classes. From what age are they able to start classes? Does it have to be from the beginning of the year? What are the fees?
    Please could you email me some more information on your classes.
    Thank you


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