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Dear Parents and Pupils,

Once again, thank you for all your support at Colours In Motion. We trust all the dancers and the audience had an enjoyable and positive experience.

Please note that the majority of our studio classes will come to a close for the December holidays after lessons on Friday the 23rd of November and the studio reopens on Monday the 14th of January.

Please note however at the Lorraine studio, that the Grade 3 and up Ballet classes will still continue for another week until the 30th of November. The Grade 3 ballet class will end after class on Monday the 26th of November.

Please see the timetable on the website at to see changes to the Lorraine Timetable for the last portion of the year.

End of Year Studio Parties


DATE: Saturday the 17th of November 2018

VENUE: 4 Bonnievale Place, Miramar.      Directions: from Walter Rd Charlo cross over Buffelsfontein Rd to the T junction. Turn right into Jeffrey Street. Drive over 2 speed humps then left into Bonnievale Place.  It is the second house on your right.

TIME: 14H30

Bring your swimming costumes and towels. For parents who are staying, please bring a chair.

Everyone to please bring something to share to eat or drink. We will do a draw in the studio this week to see just what that could be.


DATE: We are planning for Saturday the 24th at the Studio. We are just confirming that Unisa is finished writing exams and will confirm. We will have a separate little party for the juniors who do not swim.


Please bring all your costumes and wear light make up. Hair to be done as it was at the concert. Only groups that are having photo’s done at the specified time are allowed in the studio, but no parents unless wanting a family photograph done.  Space is limited.

We will be doing group shots as well as individual shots. The photos will be displayed in the studio early next year for you to view and to place orders.



14H30 Breakout of that Orange (Katey to stand by if Sips cannot come)

14H40 Blue Beach Get Away

14H50 Surrender in White

15H00 Rooi Roos

15H10 Shades of Black And Gold For You

15H15 The Colours of a Selfie

15H30 Let’s Go Fly Our Pink And Blue Kites

15H55 Black and White Panda

16H05 Colour Slam

16H20 Baby White Swans

16H30 Colours of a Rainbow

16H45 Red Letters for Mr Postman

17H10 Cabered

17H20 Silver Diamonds

17H40  Black Swan

17H50  Purple Rain

18H10 Kaleidoscope (Showman)

18H30 Black Contour



14h00 Unicorns and Tiny Tots

14h20 True Colors

14h45 Rainbow Ballerinas

15h05 Suits

15h15 Singing in the Rain

15h30 Snow

15h45 Sugar Plum

16h00 Blushing Birds

16H20 Boom

16h35  Black Widow / Midnight

16h50 Head Above Water

17h10 River

17h30 End


8 thoughts on “Latest Newsletters

  1. Teresa Erasmus

    Goeie Naand
    My dogter wil baie grrag hip hop doen.
    Kan ekke haar asb na die Lorraine studio bring, om haar e wys en dan van daaraf in te skryf.

    1. admin

      Of course Teresa. We open on the 18th again and the beginners class is on a Thursday at 15H30. She can come and try and see if she enjoys it.

  2. Gina

    Hi, my daughter, 13, is interested in joining your classes, please advise what the best time would be to have a look at what different styles you have to offer.

    1. admin

      Any time from the beginning of September you are welcome to pop in. You can view the timetable on this website.

  3. Ashleigh King

    Good morning. We are looking at putting our daughter into ballet classes. From what age are they able to start classes? Does it have to be from the beginning of the year? What are the fees?
    Please could you email me some more information on your classes.
    Thank you

  4. Nadia Zwiegelaar

    Hallo my daughter is 3 years old. I would love for her to start with ballet next year. I see you have a tiny tots class. Will she be old enough to join next year. Will you please forward the information

    1. admin

      Hi Nadia,

      Hope you are well. Yes, we do tiny tots on a Saturday morning from 3 yrs. Keep an eye out on our timetable for next year, which will be out mid-December on this website, then you are welcome to bring her in next year to try it and see if she enjoys.


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