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Dear Parents and Pupils,

Wishing our ballet pupils all the best for their upcoming exams on Tuesday the 29th of May. We are sure you will all dance like stars.

Please remember to be at your exam 45 minutes before you go in. Hair in a bun with a hair net and gel. No makeup. Clean ballet shoes and don’t forget your character skirts and shoes for all the grade 1’s and up.

Remember there will be no normal dancing classes on Tuesday the 29th of May.

There will also be no dancing on Saturday the 2nd of June, as your teachers have their exam feedback seminar. The only class I will have on Saturday the 2nd is the Beginners Hip Hop which will be from 8:00 am – 8:30am.

The rest of the Saturday classes will be done on d Saturday the 23rd of June after the schools close for the holidays, as we see there is a public holiday on Saturday the 16th, and there will be no dancing there either because it is our festival fundraiser.

Tickets for the Festival Fundraiser are available at Computicket for anybody who wants to go and watch.

Friendly City Dance Festival

Please remember to bring in your entries or pay them into the Dance Dynamics account by Tuesday the 29th of May. If you pay them into the account, please put “dance festival” in the reference. The dance festival will run from the 20th – the 25th of August at the Opera House this year.

Each competitor needs to pay only one competitors fee of R150to enter the festival, and then R55 per solo and R35 per group entered. It is not like in the past when you had to pay a competitors fee for each discipline. For instance, to do a hip-hop solo and two ballet solo’s, it will cost R150 competitors fee + R 55 per solo which adds up to R 315.00.

If we have not received entry fees or heard from you by the end of the day on Tuesday the 29th of May, we will take it that you do not wish to enter the festival this year.

Studio Timetable

Please note there are some changes in the timetable starting from Wednesday the 30th of Mayas we start working towards the festival. Most classes, however, remain unchanged. You can see the timetable at

Dans In Jou Taal

A provisional date has been given to me of the evening of the19th of July. This could of course still change. As I get more details I will keep those involved posted. Please bring me dates you will be away in the July Holidays so that I can organisea few extra practices when you are all here.

The studio will close for the July holidays after lessons on Saturday the 23rd of June and reopen on Tuesday the 17th of July.

Yours in dance,

Michel and Carrie

Dear Parents

The need has arisen for your teachers to take a decision on the viewing and videoing of classes during practices.

As most of our students have now all settled into the year with their respective teachers, we have decided that it will be appropriate to have a Viewing Week once per term, that being your choice of during either the first or the last week of each term, unless by prior arrangement for eg. a granny/ or out of town aunty visiting etc.

We will of course, however, accept Tiny Tots parents staying until the littlies have settled.

Parents will then be welcome to come and view the progress that the students have made either at the beginning or end of the term.

In the Lorraine studio there are two waiting rooms where parents may wait for the children.

Cellphones need be switched on silent or off during classes.

Videos of the ballet syllabus are available from the RAD office in Johannesburg. The cost is approximately R550 plus an R120 courier fee. Email The videos have both male and female workers on one video and combine a few consecutive grades together. Vocational videos are also available to purchase. Leigh Clark will then need your street address and phone number to process postage thereof.

The ballet apps are also available for purchase from the RAD Enterprises website.

The AIDT does not allow students to purchase videos for Modern or Hip Hop.

We have been carefully monitoring the many complaints made to us across the board, and we kindly ask you to respect our decision for the benefit of all involved. We request that you be sensitive to other people’s feelings and take students privacy into consideration.

Yours in dance

Michel, Cathy and Carrie.


4 thoughts on “Latest Newsletters

  1. Teresa Erasmus

    Goeie Naand
    My dogter wil baie grrag hip hop doen.
    Kan ekke haar asb na die Lorraine studio bring, om haar e wys en dan van daaraf in te skryf.

    1. admin

      Of course Teresa. We open on the 18th again and the beginners class is on a Thursday at 15H30. She can come and try and see if she enjoys it.

  2. Gina

    Hi, my daughter, 13, is interested in joining your classes, please advise what the best time would be to have a look at what different styles you have to offer.

    1. admin

      Any time from the beginning of September you are welcome to pop in. You can view the timetable on this website.


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