Studio Uniform


Ballet:                        Pre Primary and Primary

Turquoise leotards with short sleeves, Turquoise chiffon cross over skirt, Pink Socks and Pink Ballet Shoes


Grade I and II:

Light blue sleeveless leotard, Pink ballet stockings, Pink ballet shoes, Character Skirt and Character Shoes for Grade 1’s and 2’s (Low Heel).


Grade III – V:

Navy blue sleeveless leotard, Pink ballet stockings, Pink ballet shoes, Character Skirt and Character Shoes (high/cuban heel).


Grade VI – VIII:

Optional colours and styles may be worn and a matching long chiffon circular skirt.  At the bar a short chiffon skirt may be worn.


Vocational Grades:

Navy or Black shoestring leotard, pink stockings, soft ballet shoes and pointe shoes.  For Intermediate and higher Delcos will be required.


Pink or Grecian Honey ballet shoes or bare feet, Unitard with straps that cross at the back in any colour excepting for Navy or Black.  For class a leotard and hot pants may also be worn in hot weather.


Hip Hop:  

Anything comfortable, but good trainers required to support feet.


Solo Latin:

All candidates doing Solo Latin will be required to pay a yearly registration fee over and above lessons.  This is a compulsory ruling and it enables candidates to take part in exams, competitions and dance camps in the future if they so choose.

Comfortable clothing may be worn with trainers for beginners.  No high heels will be required in the lower levels.  For exams dance sneakers/cuban heeled lace up shoes, black pants and t-shirt (different colour for each exam) to be worn.

No baggy clothing allowed in any of the disciplines (except hip hop), as it hides faults and corrections are thus not possible.


14 thoughts on “Studio Uniform

  1. Ronel Bellingan

    Hi there.
    I see on your website there is a dance class for tiny tots on a saturday at 10am on your Lorraine timetable. Could you please email me more information regarding these classes please.
    Kind regards
    Ronel Bellingan

  2. kim van wyk

    Hi there my daughter would love to attend modern dance classes, she is in grade 2, could you please confirm whether you have availability and time date of class and cost involved,many thanks

  3. Marli

    Morning. I am interested in your Latin solo classes and my 4 year old daughter in your modern or ballet classes. Could you pls send me more info regarding fees. Thanks

  4. Debbie

    Hi there, I’m interested in putting my 3 year old daughter in ballet classes, could you please send me information regarding fees.

  5. Rene Holmes

    Hi, please can you send me details for classes for my daughter? 7 in Grade 2. No previous experience. Thanks.

  6. Chandre' Naidoo

    Hi, i would like to find out about the classes for 4 year olds? And also can i sign her up at anytime or do i wait for next year?

    1. admin

      Hi Chandre,

      You are welcome to bring her to try a class either on a Saturday or a Thursday. We open again on the 10th of April.


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