Monthly Archives: September 2011

Stultin Arts Festival

Well done to all the girls who entered the Stultin Arts Festival and did us proud.

Here are the results.

Esterlie Mare: Ballet Gold A++ (90%) Modern Gold A++ (90%)
Mere Pieterse: Ballet Gold A+ (80%)
Jane Venter: Ballet Silver (70%)
Casey Adendorff: Ballet and Modern Golds A++
Elandri Venter: Ballet both Gold A++ (85%)
Steffany Botha: Ballet Gold A++
Izelle van der Westhuizen: Modern Gold A++ (95%), Ballet Gold A+
Johannette Cox: Modern Gold A+
Tijane Visser: Modern Gold A (70%)
Jeanie Adendorff: Modern Gold A++

Genee Competition Port Elizabeth

On the 9th of September, the RAD Eastern Cape Panel held a competition to support the 2011 Genee competition that will be held in Cape Town in October.

Three of our students took part, Holly Whitfield, Amber Freeman and Valmarie van Zyl.  Well done girls you did us proud.

Holly Whitfield and Anneke Claasen won the Level 1 Section.

Shane Green and Steffany Kirsten won the Level 2 Section and there were no level 3 winners.

Thank you to Alexis Fourie, Carmen Doyle, Caitlyn Nicholas, Kirstie Muller, Bianca Romer and Adriane Bestic for dancing for our studio and providing entertainment for the audience.