Monthly Archives: December 2011

Concert Update

Well done to all of you who danced in our concert last night.  You all looked like stars and helped  to make the evening a huge success.  On behalf of all the teachers we would like to thank you all for your wonderful work over the last year and also for the lovely flowers and thoughtful  gifts that you spoilt us with. 

Well done to the Trophy winners:

Junior Ballet:  Shaugneen Robertson

Senior Ballet:  Valmarie van Zyl and Sebastian Lasevicius

Junior Modern:  Lisa-Mari Brink

Senior Modern:  Johannette Cox

Next year we hope to hand out our first Hip Hop Trophies.

Here are the lovely pictures that our colouring in competition winners did for us.

Nianke Bezuidenhout - Pre School Winner

Loua-Lize Brown - Pre School Runner Up


Esterlie Mare - Grades 1 - 3 Winner


Mere Pieterse - Grades 1 - 3 Runner Up


Saskia Koopman - Grades 4 - 7 Winner


Michelle Diederiks - Grades 4 - 7 Runner Up


Tijane Visser - High School Winner


Amber Freeman - High School Runner Up