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Ballet Festival 2017

Well done to everyone who has danced so far. You have all done us proud.

We are now officially halfway through the ballet festival. Here are some of the photographs taken.

Karla, Einon and Kaitlynne

Al Arab

Ritae, Zanri and Gabby

Alyssa and Ashleigh

Val, Amber, Jessica and Shaugneen

Oriental Ladies



Gabby and Chloe

Kaylee and Desmare


Chanel and Zelne

Kaitlynne, Elizma, Meriska and Karla



Desmare, Bianca, Casey and Kaylee


Liza, Caitlynne and Meriska

Elizma and Reeva


Here are the names of the dancers who achieved Gold Awards:

Clarissa Strydom

Chanel Haasbroek

Zelne Millard

Mari Rodgers x2

Hannah Nesmith

Anika Ferreira x2

Elizma Ferreira

Scottish Flair

Einon Doubell

Ashleigh Maling Nel x2

Gabriella Tait

Zanri Black

Chloe Domingo

Kaitlynne Horne x2

Karla van Rooyen x2

Taylor Wilson x2

Clarise October

Desmare De Lange

Casey Mclean

and last but not least – Scottish Flair

Well done everybody!




Modern And Hip Hop Festival 2017

We are now into the Modern and Hip Hop part of the Festival.

Here are our first two entrants for the year.

Festival 2017

Catelynne and Marie Louise

We are very proud of all of you for getting out there and giving of your best.

Modern Fest 2017

Anri, Kaitelynne and Nianke

Here are some more photos from the Modern and Hip Hop Festival.

Fest 2017

Desi, Berdine and Carli

Fest 2017

Lolla and Mari

Fest 2017

Zanri and Ashleigh