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Talent Africa Regionals 2020

Well done to all our dancers and groups for doing so well in Talent Africa. You all qualify for the Nationals from the 1st to the 4th of April at the Opera House.

Remember that you will need to enter yourself for nationals on the website if you did solos.

We will register the groups from our side.

Here are a couple of pics from the weekend events.

September Ballet Exams

Well done to the following students who got distinctions for their RAD Ballet Exams –

Mia Dempsey – Grade 2

Kaitlynne Horne – Grade 5

Taylor Wilson – Grade 5

Mikayla-Leigh Lombaard – Rep 2 Variation

An extra special well done to Shaugneen Robertson and Chantelle Els who passed Advanced 2 with Merits. This was a great achievement and took a lot of hard work leading up to the exam.

Our Girls Wowed Us At Stulting’s Kunsfees

Congratulations to all our Jeffreys Bay dancers who took part in Stulting’s Kunsfees on Friday the 20th of April 2018.

You all did us proud.

An extra special well done to all who got diploma’s and A Awards: They are as follows:

Diploma Gold
Tiny Tots – Lily Lotter and Anah May Muller
Anja Wagner – Goldilocks
Elze Veldsman – Rainy Play
Elze Veldsman – Little Mermaid
Anja Wagner – Sunshine
Karla Muller – Castle of Glass
Kayla Lotter – Big Spender
Kiara Wolmaran – Sunshine
Mia Steenkamp – Goldilocks
Elandri Venter – Mad World
Minandi Venter – Castle of Glass
Simone Cilliers – Sunshine
Logan – A
In my Dreams – A++
Suicide Squad – A++
Jungle Book – A+
Here are some gorgeous photos of the girls.

Talent Africa

Well done to all pupils who entered Talent Africa. They all made it through to the nationals in April next year.

Clarise October

Taylor Wilson

Ashleigh Maling Nel

Einon Doubell (2nd overall place for his age group)

Next year we hope to see more of you entering.Talent Africa 2017

Festival 2016

Wow, what a hectic two weeks we have had.

Dance Festival 2016 is almost over and wow, you are all doing us proud.  A lot of you went and did a solo for the first time ever, and this is something that not a lot of people would be able to do.

We started off with the modern and hip hop and this was adjudicated by Mr. Sean Bovim.

The ballet followed on from this and it was adjudicated by Dianne Cheeseman.

Here are some photo’s of our beautiful dancers.

Kaylin and Ashleigh

Kaylin and Ashleigh


Karla and Zanri

Berdine and Desmare

Berdine and Desmare


Zanri, Isabella and Marie-Louise


Carli, Berdine and Desmare


Berdine and Desmare

























Cara and Clarissa


Hannah, Anja and Gemma


Ashleigh and Kaitlynne




Ashleigh, Zanri, Einon and Lize


Meriska and Lize


Marie-Louise and Elizma


Gabbi and Desmare





IMG_3590 (1)

Mekayla and Kaylee


Gabbi and Karla






Shaugneen and Amber

Shaugneen and Amber





Reeva, Einon and Meriska

Reeva, Einon and Meriska



Meriska, Einon and Karla






Holly, Amber and Valmarie


Gold Awards which only awarded to the top performances deserve a special mention here:

Karla Strydom

Ashleigh Maling Nel

Freaks Like Us – Berdine Viljoen and Desmare De Lange

Anja Wagner

Kaitlynne Horne

Einon Doubell

Elizma Ferreira

Jessica Barnard

Holly Whitfield x 2 and our 2016 Junior Ballet Champion.img_3665

May Ballet Exams – Congratulations Students!

Well done to all our pupils for doing exceptionally well in the May Ballet Exams. We are very proud of you all.

The results arrived earlier than expected this year, so we can all go off and enjoy our July Holidays knowing the verdicts.

An extra special congrats to the following girls for getting very well earned distinctions:

Holly Whitfield – 90 % which was the highest result in the studio.

Zoe MareeMay Exams 2016

Minandi Venter

Katelynne Horne

Cassidy Kwong See

Liza-Marli Swanepoel

Keep up the good work.

Modern and Hip Hop Exams 2015

Modern Exam 2015

Hayley and Mia before 3rd Grade

On the 4th, 5th, 8th and 10th of November we held our annual Modern and Hip Hop Exam Session at the Studio.

Carli and Shannon did PreLim Junior

Carli and Shannon did PreLim Junior







Modern Exams 2015

Izelle and Steffany tired after their Intermediate Exam

A very vibrant Carole Sampson came to examine the girls and every dancer had a ball performing for Mrs Sampson.

Some of my photos are missing in action on my camera, but these are a few of the highlights for the session.

Honours with Distinction this year went to Kaitlynne Horne, Juliette Bradshaw, Ilze Fourie, Jessica Barnard, Peter Lee Ching, and Izelle van der Westhuizen.

Honours went to Steffany Botha, Berdine Viljoen and Megan Calder,

In the Hip Hop, Da Bomb went to Berdine Viljoen and Ashleigh Maling Nel.

Well done!

Modern Exams 2015

1st Graders give each other a nervous hug before going in – Karleigh, Marie Louise and Kaitlynne

Hip Hop Exams 2015

Hip Hop Group From Humansdorp and Jeffreys Bay

Leane and Karla - 3rd Grade Modern

Leane and Karla – 3rd Grade Modern

Megan had to go it alone for Prelim Junior

Megan had to go it alone for Prelim Junior

Modern Exams 2016

Jessica and Ilze also worked up a good sweat doing Preliminary

Modern Exams 2016

Happy 3rd Graders – Desmare, Meagan and Berdine

Modern Exams 2015

Leah and Madison all ready to dance

Festival 2014

Well done to all our dancers who braved the stage during the 2014 Dance Festival.  You all did your best and we are proud of you.

Lize van Staden

Anika Ferreira

Zanri Black x 3

Ashleigh Maling Nel x 3

Einon Doubell

Caitlyn Burton x 3

Gabriella Tait

Casey Mclean x 2

Jane Venter

Amber Freeman x 2

Storm Whitfield

Ilze Fourie

Carissa Struwig

Myra Viduya

Holly Whitfield x 2

Marie-Louise Strydom

Sarah Main

Cassidy Kwong-See

Isabella Morrison

Val Marie van Zyl

Stulting Kunstefees Results

Dance Dynamics
Stulting Kunstefees results
18 April 2012

Well done to our Jeffreys Bay Students some of whom danced in the Stulting Kunstefees last week.
Loua Lize Brown – A+  (87.5%) 6years and under ballet

Jane’ Venter – A++ (92.5) 7-8 years ballet

Elandri Venter – A++ (92.5) 9-10 years hip hop

Maya Munoz – A++ (92.5) 11-12 years hip hop

Pearls Group (Esterlie, Karla, Mere)
A++ (90%)