AIDT Exams And Medal Tests 2021

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For the first time ever we did online exams this year for the AIDT. It was also the first time teachers were ever allowed to watch the exam, as it was videoed, so that was awesome, as examiners always get to see the best work from our students.

We were very proud of you all.

Here are some photo’s from the various exams and medal tests done.


Congratulations to the following dancers who achieved really high marks this year:


Clarissa Venter

De-ane Erasmus x 2

Danielle Tomas

Arianna Brink

Anine Ehlers

Lara Christison

Amy Ward

Kaitlynne Horne

Anri de Beer

Ashleigh Maling Nel x 2

Anika Steyn

Isabella Tait

Michelle Hoogendoorn

Shaugneen Robertson


Mienke Stofberg

Eden Krige

Ava Lily van Niekerk

Mari du Plessis x 2

Arianna Brink

Marizanne Slabbert

Kriselda Bezuidenhout

Susan Osche

Charlene Pienaar

Anke Niemand

Lexa Wolmarans

Karlien Smit

Abbygail Robertson

Kiara Wolmarans

Mienke Smit

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