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hip hop 2022

We are very proud of our 100 percent pass rate once again. The exam results this year were beyond our expectations. But here is a special shout out to those who received above 75 for the ballet exams and above 80 for the modern and hip hop exams, as this is very difficult to achieve.

Our Examiners this year were Margie Wells for the Modern and Hip Hop and Bonnie de Beer for the Ballet.

Ballet Distinctions:

Congrats to the following who got distinctions for their ballet exams. It takes a lot of hard work to get a distinction in Dance and achieving honours is also quite a feat!!


Amelia Jane Liebenberg

Grade One:

Milan Schutte

Grade Two:

Lienke Peens

Kayleigh Marais

Grade Four:

Arianna Brink

Grade Seven:

Ashleigh Maling Nel

Advanced Foundation:

Einon Doubell

Discovering Rep Level 2:

Cassidy Kwong-See

Kaitlynne Horne

Amy Leigh Ward

Discovering Rep Level 3:

Angelique Jansen

Ashley Naudé

Modern Honours:

Ballet and Modern Medals:

Eden and Ava

Amy Masterson  (modern medal) 

Ava-Lily van Niekerk (x2) (ballet medal) 

Cindy Strydom (modern medal) 

Emily Colebrank (x2 ballet and modern medal) 

Lily Lotter (x2 ballet and modern medal)  

Milan Schutte (ballet medal) 

Nina Bezuidenhout (ballet medal) 

2nd Grade:

Ava-Lily van Niekerk

3rd Grade:

Kayleigh Marais

Iune Bezuidenhout

4th Grade:

De-Ane Erasmus

Lanelle Rautenbach (Syllabus Test)

Miah Kruger (Syllabus Test)

Final Grade:

Clarrissa Venter

Alexia Grubic

Oluhle Ncezula (Syllabus Test)

Mari du Plessis

Pre Elementary:

Amy Leigh Ward

Ella Smit (Syllabus Test)

3rd Grade Hip Hop:

Kayleigh Marais

Modern Distinctions:

Ballet and Modern Medals:

Zoe van den Berg (ballet medal) 

Ella Smit (ballet medal) 

De-Ane Erasmus (ballet medal) 

Milan Puren (x2) (ballet and modern medal) 

Marizanne Slabbert (ballet medal) 

Charlene Pienaar (ballet medal) 

Final Grade:

Michelle Hoogendoorn

Pre Elementary:

Ashleigh Maling Nel

Kaitlynne Horne

Elementary Hip Hop:

Ashleigh Maling Nel

Alexia and Michelle – Final Grade

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