Ballet Exams 2022

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ballet exams 2022


After a busy two days the ballet exams are over.

Mrs Bonnie de Beer was our lovely examiner this year and the exams took place over two days on the 23rd and 24th of November 2022.

Well done to all the dancers. You all looked so professional.

Ballet Exams 2022Miane

ballet exams 2022Annabel, Isabella, Amelia and Gabriela

exams 2022Hope, Willow and Manatswa

ballet exams 2022Ava, Talia and Madison

Ballet Exams 2022Lexie, Mienke and Claire

Ballet Exams 2022

Isabella, Mione and Lanelleballet exams 2022
Lara, Mia, Amelia, Elizabeth and Kayla

ballet exams 2022Liviane

Ballet Exams 2022


ballet exams 2022Milan

ballet exams 2022Anine

ballet exams 2022Hlumile, Clarissa and Zimi

ballet exams 2022

ballet exams 2022Violet and Reeve

ballet exams 2022Lisa, Karla, Clarise and Taylor

ballet exams 2022Cassidy, Amy and Kaitlynne

ballet 2022

ballet exams 2022Kayleigh, Lianie and Lienke

Ballet Exams 2022Lara, Caylin and Arianna

Ballet Exams 2022Angie and Ashleigh

Ballet Exams 2022Ashleigh

Ballet Exams 2022Kaitlynne and Einon

2 thoughts on “Ballet Exams 2022”

  1. Hi,

    Ek wil graag my dogter laat ballet doen. Is dit moontlik om n klassie by te woon sodat ons kan besluit? Sy is nou 10.


    1. Hi Lizette,

      You can check out our timetable and bring her to try either the Grade 1 Ballet, the 1st Grade Modern or Beginners hip hop, depending what she would like to do.

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