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Photo Shoot At Little Cherub

Little Cherub dancewear shop recently asked all the studios for two models from each studio to do a photo shoot for their shop.

Well done to Mikayla-leigh Lombard and Jocelyn Venables for representing our studio so prettily.

Jocelyn is sitting pretty in the middle

Talent Africa 2019

A few of our dancers took part in Talent Africa 2019.

It was a busy few days trying to juggle everything between teaching and being at the Opera House, but in all, it was a great experience.

Well done to the following students who received gold awards.

Marie Louise Strydom

Kaitlynne Horne

Ashleigh Maling Nel

Taylor Wilson

Chantelle Els

Shaugneen Robertson

Amber Freeman

Angelique Jansen

Anri de Beer

Amy Ward

Einon Doubell

Bea-ne Schoeman

Elizma Ferreira

Lize van Staden

Katelyn Papenfus

Davina Naidoo

Karla van Rooyen

Mikayla-leigh Lombard

Mikayla-leigh Lombard also got an award for being one of the top ten junior dancers at Talent Africa.

Amber Freeman got an award for being one of the top ten senior dancers at Talent Africa.

Unsteady, Letters to Mr Postman and Rooi Roos all got gold awards. Unsteady and Letters to Mr Postman were chosen to dance in the showcase.
Waiting To Dance

Rooi Roos
Mikayla-leigh and Ashleigh
Letters To Mr Postman receive their gold awards

Alexander Workshop At Dance Dynamics

On Monday evening the 25th of March, we were lucky enough to have an Alexander Technique workshop hosted in our studio for our senior ballet pupils.

Bradley van Heerden, who is a senior artist at Cape Town City Ballet kindly lent us his services and he showed us how they strengthen the dancers at Cape Town City Ballet.

The class was tough and even the teachers took part.

Talent Africa Regionals 2019

Dance Dynamics and some of our lovely dancers had a lovely day at Talent Africa on Saturday the 23rd of February.

It was great to see so many studios supporting this annual event and the dancers had a lot of fun strutting their stuff on the stage at the Savoy Theatre.

Well done to all our solo’s and groups who go through to the Nationals at the Opera House in April.



Rooi Roos

Letters For Mr. Postman



Marie Louise Strydom

Taylor Wilson

Kaitlynne Horne

Karla van Rooyen

Ashleigh Maling Nel

Anri de Beer

Clarise October

Mikayla Lombard

Here are a few shots that we captured.

Clarise October – Classical Solo
talent africa 2019
Clarise, Marie Louise, Mikayla and Taylor all ready for their solo’s
Talent Africa 2019
Rooi Roos Group
Talent Africa 2019
Prize Giving

A Touch Of Dance

On the 16th of June 2018, some of our dancers took part in A Touch Of Dance.

It was a concert put on by the various studio’s in Port Elizabeth to raise funds for the Friendly City Dance Festival which will be launching this year.

Our dancers enjoyed performing at both the afternoon and evening shows, and a great experience was had by all.

Thank you to all the dancers who took part. Your time and effort was much appreciated.

Thank you, parents, for all the transporting, and also to the girls in Bagheera who had to come out especially from Jeffreys Bay.


Ballet Exams 2017 – First Ones In……

Today Lara Fourie and Elandri Venter from Jeffreys Bay Studio did their Intermediate Exam.

They are our first entrants for this year and we are glad that they enjoyed their exam so much.

The rest of the studio is only doing their exams on the May Exams 201730th and 31st of May and then on the 2nd of June.

Best of Luck All.

May Exams 2017

dance dynamics

First Term Almost Gone Already

We just can’t believe the first term of 2016 is already dead and gone. The time has flown past and as usual, there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done.

dance dynamics

Some of our cute Pre Primary’s

Most of the first term went by in a blur as we pushed for the ballet girls to learn all their work in preparation for the May Exams. They took in a lot and did extremely well with the short time they had, but we will need to do some serious polishing during the new term.

The modern and hip hop exams are only at the end of the year, so we have more time there, but we still have a lot of work to cover.

We are getting 12 new grades of hip hop work taught to us during the April Holidays, so we are looking forward to something fresh and exciting to teach next term. The hip hoppers have been doing mostly open work this term and preparing for the concert on the 30th of November, so it is not a last minute rush after their exams.

Stepping Stones Modern

Stepping Stones Modern

dance dynamics

Grade 2 Ballet

dance dynamics

2nd Grade Modern

Here are some pics taken during the last week of term of some of the Lorraine classes, when our theme was ‘Something Pink.’ The Jeffrey’s

dance dynamics

Grade 5 Ballet

bay pictures will be put on the FaceBook Page.

dance dynamics

Tuesday Primary Class

dance dynamics

Tuesday Grade 2 Class

dance dynamics

Mischievous Grade 3 Class

dance dynamics

Grade 4’s pretty in pink.

Happy Holidays!